The Travel Guitar Evolved!

A guitar you can take wherever you go without a second spent on "what will the conditions be, what about humidity?". This guitar will handle every extreme you can throw at it, all while looking and sounding amazing. The familiar scale and ultra comfortable neck means you will feel right at home the second you pick it up.

So the question is.... where will you take yours?

Designed and Manufactured in Canada

We take pride in the fact that all of our carbon fiber and composite components are designed and manufactured right here in our facility in Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada. This means never waiting on major components, faster development cycles, and higher quality.

Legacy Carbon Fiber Acoustic Travel Guitar

Starting at $700

Legacy Carbon Fiber Acoustic Electric Travel Guitar

Starting at $825

Legacy Carbon Fiber Premium Acoustic Electric Travel Guitar

Starting at $925

Why Carbon fiber?

When we set out to build a guitar it not only had to sound great, but it had to look great, and stand up to anything mother nature could throw at it.  Whether it be extreme cold, or a hot humid day, you can put your mind at ease knowing that your guitar is perfectly at home and ready to play!

After coming out of our moulds, each guitar is tended to by one of our skilled technicians ensuring you receive the absolute best in carbon fiber instruments.

We feel it is important to mention that every single carbon fiber component we offer is  Made in House here in Canada , using raw materials sourced from the USA. No outsourcing! We don't believe in sacrificing quality to save a buck.


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